About the marching band's new sexual assault policy

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Photo: Protestors at Fall 2012 Orgo Night

Full disclosure: The editor is a member of the Columbia University Marching Band. He played no role in the writing of the Community Standards Pledge and has signed the document in support.

With the ongoing discussion about administrative failings regarding sexual assault at Columbia, one student group has taken matters into their own hands. The Columbia University Marching Band — or CUMB, for short — will be enforcing a new policy in the hope of preventing sexual assault and keeping violators from entering spaces where they could interact with survivors.

Starting this semester, all members of the band will be required to sign a Community Standards Pledge, which contains guidelines regarding sexual and gender-based misconduct. In a meeting with band members, Head Manager Edith Lerner described the changes as not responding to any specific incidents, but keeping in line with campus discussion about sexual assault. Both her experience as a Clery Intern for the Rape Crisis Center and an NSOP consent educator informed her decision to lead the drafting process.

According to the policy, CUMB members "agree to create open spaces for dialogue regarding sexual assault and recognize that sexual violence and harassment often occur within groups of friends that we know and trust." In addition, members agree to intervene when witnessing non-consensual interactions and "pledge to neither condone nor commit acts of violence."



Hamdel no longer 24 hours

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"Absolutely Fine" | Photo / seamless.com

Hamilton Deli, Columbia's beloved sandwich shop on Amsterdam, has recently cut their hours. For the foreseeable future, the deli will no longer be open 24 hours. Instead, it will close at 3 AM Monday through Saturday and 9 PM on Sunday.

A Hamdel employee we spoke to wouldn't say why the hours changed, but told us that there weren't any plans in the near future to change them back. This means that EC, Wien, and Plimpton residents will have to settle for Subs Conscious.


Live coverage of the first Sandwich Ambassador debate

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With nine candidates on the ballot, the position of Sandwich Ambassador is looking to be a highly contested race. Today, all the candidates will get to state their platforms at a debate in the Satow Room, starting at 2:45.

Follow us on Twitter at @TheColumbiaLion to get live coverage of the debate. In the meantime, check out the list of candidates and our proposals for the Sandwich Ambassador's policy platform.

We will also update this post with a headcount of the attendees who are not in CCSC, running for the position, or moderating the debate.

Update: About 10, give or take a few.

More notably, only 2 of the candidates showed up — Josh Burton (CC '18) and Mikhail Klimentov (CC '16). Accordingly, we encourage you to vote for either of these students.


NY Mag to run cover story on sexual assault at Columbia

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In what may soon be the latest hit to Columbia's public image, New York Magazine is reportedly writing a cover story on sexual assault on campus. This follows rumors of a NY Mag reporter lurking around student spaces last weekend.

Check back for updates.

EDIT, 1:39 AM: There are no updates. There are never any updates.

— The Editor

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Football liveblogs to follow today

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Maybe if we turn the field into a slip-n-slide, we can beat Fordham. | Photo: imwx.com

As some of you may have heard, our school has a football team. Yes! They're in your dining halls, your dorms, and even your Lit Hum classes.

Look out the window. Do you see the sky? The gray represents the general mood of today's first game against Fordham, a team that Columbia has consistently failed to beat. But enough about the weather — let's talk sports.

If you'd like to learn more about what the football team does on Saturdays, check out these various streams on the Twitter.

  • @WKCRSports: Columbia's student-run radio station is second to none when it comes to up-to-the-minute sports coverage. In addition to The Firing Lion, a sports talk show which runs every Tuesday, they also have top-notch Twitter coverage of every game. Tune in at 89.9 FM to hear more.
  • @CUSpecSports: Spec's sports section also updates during games. They also tweet a lot about sports I've never heard of, like "squash" and "fencing." Do those teams win their games?
  • @jakejakeny: Jake Novak is the editor of CU Lions, an alumni-run blog that covers Columbia Athletics. Though known more for his doom-and-gloom previews (but not always!), he also tweets during games.
  • @ColumbiaLionsFB: Ironically, the OFFICIAL Columbia Football team twitter account, which is run by someone in Athletics that draws a salary, is best known for its high volume of game updates. (So, basically, WKCRSports without the funny.)
  • @CUMB is the always-hilarious marching band, which goes to every football game and usually tweets witty one-liners at opposing teams.
  • @MezzoTrombone: This guy has "sports" in his name twice. So he must know something about football.
  • Us! If you don't already follow us at @TheColumbiaLion, we'll be posting score updates and scenery observations, as well as what sandwich we're having for lunch today.


No more free laundry

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According to a tip and an email from Columbia Housing, the days of free laundry in Columbia dorms (excluding Nussbaum) are numbered.

Since move-in, students in all Columbia dorms have been able to do their laundry free of charge due to a structural glitch from the new washers and dryers. A tip sent earlier today told us that Columbia was aware of the "problem" and installing the new Flex system over the weekend.

Now, an email sent by Housing has confirmed the changes, which include removing the ability to pay via quarters.

In other words, do your laundry now, lest you be forced to pay the $1.25 fee.

Full email below.



How to monetize your dorm room with AirBNB

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A newly renovated dorm means more business for you | Photo credit: housing.columbia.edu

If you were in the city over the summer, you probably witnessed one of the most interesting legal battles between a startup and regulators in recent memory, with AirBNB disrupting the hospitality industry's bottom line by allowing anyone to rent out their rooms.

Sublease agreements and industry cartels aside, Columbia students have some of the best real estate in Manhattan at some of the lowest rental rates, so why not take advantage of the home equity beneath your very feet?

Here are a few pieces of advice to make your room an AirBNB success story.

1. Take only the most flattering photos of your room.

This should go without saying. The more inviting your room looks, the more people will be willing to get over the fact that it's in a college dorm.

For example, here are some photos of my room.




Gross, grainy and unappealing. But why clean your room when you can take an artsy panoramic shot?


Customers will come flooding in.



Your candidates for Sandwich Ambassador

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...and Class of 2018 reps too, but really — at this point in the semester, the only way to tell the candidates apart is by how often they spam the class Facebook group. And to absolutely no one's surprise, the student who challenged the entire Class of 2018 to the ice bucket challenge is running for President.

There will be debates this Sunday from 2-4 in the Lerner Satow room. Voting will start Monday at 10am and run until Wednesday at 5pm, with results announced later that evening.

Stay tuned for our coverage of this truly riveting election.

CCSC Sandwich Ambassador Candidates:
  • Clement Robbins
  • Joshua Burton
  • Ben Edelstein
  • Zoe Danner
  • Harry Scott
  • Sam Klein-Markman
  • Jake Ethé
  • Mikhail Klimentov
  • Ben Coombs


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