Housing advice: A brief Online Selection update

Posted by: Sean Augustine-Obi in Housing 0 minutes ago

It's the end of Day 2 of Online Selection, and the entire senior class, plus about 1/3 of the junior class, has picked into housing. Here's the aftermath.

  • Nussbaum's cutoff was pushed up significantly from last year to 20/146, though the second-to-last single was taken much earlier in the mixed-point group pool.
  • River has 24 singles remaining. Assuming people pick into Broadway and River at roughly a 50/50 rate (in reality, some will pick good rooms in Schapiro and Wien instead), the cutoff will be around 20/1248.
  • Broadway has 36 singles remaining. Using the same logic as above, the cutoff will be around 20/1297, not too soon afterwards.
  • Someone who picked in the In-Person Selection pool somehow backed out, leaving half of Broadway 640, a 163 sf exterior double, open for some sophomore.

As for the remaining juniors and sophomores:

  • With 105 singles remaining, the worst-case scenario cutoff for Schapiro (taking into account Broadway and River) is 20/1589. The actual cutoff will be lower than this, because some people like living next to Hamdel and having views of Morningside Park.
  • The worst-case scenario cutoff for Wien is 20/2798. The actual cutoff will be lower than this, because some people might go for the kitchens and lounges in McBain, or might just like Harmony more.
  • The worst-case scenario cutoff for singles (including Furnald) is 10/844.
  • The waitlist may begin as early as 10/1748, but likely later, for all the reasons stated above, as well as students moving off campus.

We will do our next (and last!) Online Selection post next Friday night.


Deantini introduces student resource site

Posted by: Marilyn He in News 3 hours, 49 minutes ago

Earlier today, Deantini sent out an email calling our attention to a new Student Resources page off the Columbia College website. This was apparently in response to actions taken by CCSC and SWP "in the first step in building a new College website that is more targeted to helping you find what you need to know as a Columbia College student." 

We think it's a great idea - really, we do. And sure, there's nothing wrong with the page - it's got everything from Academics, Dining, Wellness, Jobs, and Student Government sections. We'd simply like to take a moment to question the low-effort aesthetics of the page. Observe: 

I mean, who coded this - a first year? An intern? (Do you have internships available? And how can I apply? And can you possibly ignore this post when I do?) 

Furthermore, when you click on each box, more nested boxes pop out with handy dandy descriptions when you hover - like so: 

Which is a great idea, in theory - but who made those crazy border lines? And could they maybe be straight? Our OCD meters are going off. 

It's okay though, Deantini - we know you tried. It may not be very pretty, but it was a great first effort! And hey - it's nowhere near as bad as these

Full email after the jump! 


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Preserving Columbia's architecture and its history

Posted by: Katherine Whatley in Opinion 6 hours, 37 minutes ago

One day on College Walk, as I admired Low Library, it occurred to me; what will students see when they stand on College Walk some two hundred years from now? Will they see Butler, and wonder what it looked like inside before it was converted to a computer mainframe? Will they wave at their friends on the steps, or stop and chat for a few minutes with a classmate from their English seminar about the latest upgrade to the English Wiki? Will they sit on the lawn on a warm day in April, pouring over glowing tablets, stopping every so often to look up at the impressive facade of Low Library? Or maybe, they just might see those infamous phallic shaped fountains, wondering as we do, what our forefathers were thinking.

The neoclassical buildings that define our campus are so imposing they appear to almost have grown out of the ground, an offshoot of the bedrock of Manhattan. Yet, their existence is much more tenuous than you might imagine. After a mere hundred and ten years or so since many of the buildings were built, almost no original interiors remain intact, and many have be subject to unsympathetic renovations, or disrepair.

Columbia’s original Morningside campus was designed by the preeminent architectural firm of McKim, Mead and White, who designed many New York landmarks including the original Penn Station and the main branch of the New York Public Library. Envisioned as a university campus with small, intimate courtyards, the new Morningside campus was meant to be a welcoming place to study, well integrated in the urban fabric of New York. The remaining McKim, Mead and White buildings on campus include Philosophy, John Jay, Low Library and Avery. Even though much of the original landscaping has been altered, or never implemented, one can still glimpse what the vision of courtyards coupled with striking buildings would have looked like by going to the courtyard between Avery and Fayerweather.



Morning briefing: e-cigs exploding and 10 Things I Hate About You showing

Posted by: Marilyn He in News 8 hours, 45 minutes ago

Why is it sunny and cold? Now you're just mocking us, spring. 

Columbia News

Take Back The Night is tonight at 7:45 pm - particularly pertinent given all the talk about sexual assault on campus recently. 

Unfortunately, you'll have to decide between TBTN and 10 Things I Hate About You, because Ferris Reel Film Society is showing the movie on Low Steps at 8 pm. Bundle up! 

Finally, see student leaders win awards and - more importantly - capitalize on a free dessert reception. The King's Crown Leadership Awards ceremony will happen tonight at 6:30 pm in Roone. 

Actual News

Why is the headline for this story "Should You Be Worried About Your E-Cigarette Exploding?"? Let me answer that question for you: YES. 

Isn't the point of a CAPTCHA to prove that you're a human, not a robot? Well Google's ruining it for all of us - they built an algorithm to solve 99.8% of CAPTCHAs. That's more than I can. 

Finally, the Wall Street Journal is crowing about unemployment being "near a seven-year low". Seriously guys, tell that to our job search. 

Wanna See a Timelapse of the Blood Moon? 


Requirements that the Columbia administration forgot about

Posted by: Ojas Sathe 23 hours, 27 minutes ago

Ah, yes, the swim test. Just last week, our old editor-in-chief Jake Davidson felt feelings as he finished the third length of our pool. A tradition that is known for its myths about as much as its annoyance, the swim test has a variety of stories attached to it. About three years ago to date, Spec published some theories referring to why the swim test was created. But as far as I'm concerned the narrative I'm going with was the one I was told by my tour guide during my tour here.

In the time leading to the Revolutionary war, a Columbia president realized that in the event of a British attack, it was important for Columbia students to escape Manhattan very quickly. The clearest way to do this would be to swim across the Hudson. Naturally, SEAS kids (at the time of my tour, I didn't know SEAS didn't exist during the Revolution) didn't need such a requirement, as they could build a boat or a catapult to get them to safety.

As Columbia College seniors rush to complete their swim test, the Lion began thinking of some other requirements the Columbia Administration seemed to forget about.



Course Registration: A Freshman Perspective

Posted by: Jacob Greenberg 1 day, 5 hours ago

As a freshman, I don’t always have my life together. In fact I would say a fair statement would be that I could count on my hands the number of times my organizational skills came through for me and still have enough fingers left over to count how many toes I have (For those of you who are a little slower in math, that means that I have zero of the former experiences, you know, because I have ten toes and only ten fingers, so to count my toes I would need all my fingers. Never mind if you don’t get it by now there is no helping you). Anyways I was told that I should write a post about course registration. Like a normal person my first question was “when is course registration?” The response from my rising senior friend: “It started today…”

So then it began… The most epic saga of how not to pick classes ever to hit the dorms of Columbia. Now I’ve decided to replicate a checklist so that all of you can replicate my experience.

Step 1:

Figure out what major you are a part of, ‘cause you know that sort of determines what classes you have to take and despite Columbia claiming you didn’t have to declare until next year we all know that you had to have that decided from the first day you walked through the gates.



Follow our livetweet of the Sexual Assault Town Hall @thecolumbialion

Posted by: Marilyn He in News 1 day, 7 hours ago

Columbia is hosting a Sexual Assault Town Hall right now (12 pm) in Havemeyer 309. Can't make it because it's inconveniently scheduled in the middle of classes? We'll be livetweeting the event - follow us on Twitter @thecolumbialion

Want a little background on the subject? Here's some background reading: 

See everyone in the Twitterverse. 


Morning Briefing: It snowed yesterday, there's a sexual assault town hall, and now everyone has awards

Posted by: Ojas Sathe 1 day, 8 hours ago

Good morning everyone! Today's the day of Freshman registration to so all the good classes are already taken! Awesome! 


Columbia News:

Congratulations to 12 students for being awarded Presidential Global Fellowships, headed to programs across 5 countries!

Congratulations to six professors for being awarded Guggenheim Fellowships!

There will be a sexual assault town hall today at 12pm to 1:30pm.

Real World News:

The West Harlem Development Corporation is paying for senior citizens' summer work.

The New York City Police Department abandonded a secret program that spied on Muslims.

Hundreds are still missing after South Korean ferry sinks. 

Russia is formulating new plans for Ukraine; seeing this, NATO plans new deployments.


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