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2017 CCSC Candidates: Elise Fuller

The Lion asked candidates questions about their campaigns to give us insight into their aspirations and motivations for running. Here is what Elise Fuller had to say:

Are you affiliated with a party, and if so, which one?

No, I am not running with a party. However, my campaign is called Fuller Representation

What position are you running for, and what motivated you to run for it?

I am running for Inclusion and Equity Rep because as a WOC at Columbia, I understand the importance of feeling heard and represented, especially in the administration. I feel that I can make strides in the areas of inclusion and diversity on campus and ensure that all marginalized groups know that someone is fighting for them. 

If elected, what would your goals be? How do you plan to achieve them? What is something you want to fix at Columbia? How would you plan to address it?

To tackle some of the issues at Columbia surrounding marginalized groups, I will focus on access, representation, and open discourse. Students should be focusing on class and enjoying all that this university has to offer, not worrying about where their next meal is coming from or how they will physically navigate campus. I plan to find more funding and a permanent space for the undergraduate Food Bank as well as support FLIP’s partnership with the Share Meals App. I want to set up a notification system that will let students know when certain elevators, entrances, or walkways are blocked so they can find alternative routes to class. I also want to redo the steep wheelchair ramps and talk to the administration about having discussion sections in classrooms that are accessible to everyone (ex. not on the 8th floor of Hamilton that has no wheelchair access). In regards to representation, I feel as though students have often been very vocal about what types of changes they want to see here to feel more included but I do not think that their ideas are always acted upon in a timely fashion. I intend to meet with as many of the marginalized groups on campus to hear their thoughts and see how I can fix them, particularly issues intersectionally affect different groups. Lastly, I look forward to setting up an email/Facebook page where students can contact me directly about their ideas. I want full transparency so that my peers can know what I’m doing and also hold me accountable.  

Any additional comments you would like to share with voters?

I will do everything in my power to provide you all with Fuller Representation. 

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