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Juan is a junior and Gates Scholar from Columbia College majoring in Film and Media Studies. He is a volunteer for the reading-based mentoring program, Read Ahead, and can be found enthusiastically working on his next Lion piece at his favorite local coffee place, the Hungarian Pastry Shop on Amsterdam. In addition to endlessly watching reruns of Game of Thrones, he likes to self-publish e-books at Amazon on his free time, under the pen name “Juan Román.” You can reach him at

Laura Elizabeth Hand (CC’19) is majoring in Applied Mathematics, Comparative Literature, and English. In her spare time she makes art, advises high schoolers on the college process, and makes frankly awful dad jokes. She loves journalism and designs with a consuming, fiery passion (re: Raiders of the Lost Ark). 

Malik (SEAS ’20) is a rising sophomore in Columbia Engineering studying Computer Science and minoring in History and Applied Math. Originally from Chicago, he enjoys exploring nightlife in New York City and taking classes outside his intended fields of interest.

I am a musician and musicology student in my fourth year at Columbia College. I write program notes for The North Shore Symphony Orchestra and maintain a blog called How Eye Hear It. When I am not reading about the 20th-century French composer Germaine Tailleferre, I can be found in the practice room—in search of the perfect reed.
I can be e-mailed at and tweeted at @howeyehearit.

Yael Turitz (BC ’19) hails from Silver Spring, Maryland, but has always considered herself a citizen of the magical world of Hollywood. She is studying Religion and Education, and dreams of simultaneously inspiring young Jewish minds and winning an Oscar for the next greatest screenplay. She’s not technically qualified to critique entertainment, but she’ll offer her opinion to you anyway because she’s just that kind of gal. Take it or leave it, but this column will provide you with the most deep, thoughtful, and hilarious entertainment commentary you’ve ever experienced.