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Columbia students are currently outside on Low Steps screaming and in tears shocked at the results from the 2016 Election.

This is a scary time for many members of our community who have been frightened by the hatred and vitriol that has come from this campaign season. Students, staff, and faculty are scared. To our beautiful community, stay safe. Talk with your friends, talk with your Professors, talk with CPS, but the most important thing is to talk. Do not feel alone even as the results of this election unfold. We will stay united and we will stay together. No matter what, we absolutely cannot let hate and bigotry win.

Stay safe. The beauty and diversity of this nation will prevail and we will eventually overcome this struggle.

– The Lion Managing Board

 For support, know the following Columbia resources available:

Counseling and Psychological Services – (212) 854-2878
Columbia Health – (212) 854-7426
Office of the University Chaplain – (212) 854-1493
Advising Deans – (212) 854-6378
Nightline – (212) 854-7777

In addition, please talk with your friends, Professors, and coworkers.

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