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About the new Rules of Conduct

Earlier today, the University Senate released the new Rules of Conduct for the Columbia University community.  Caroline Lee (CC ’18) went through and pulled out some of the differences in the old policy and the one released today and turned it into a nice simple table.

A link to these changes can be found here.


Some notable changes:



Sanctions are: Disciplinary Warning, Censure, Suspension, or Dismissal




Increased range of sanctions­­ adding Private or Public Reprimand/Warning, restricting access to university facilities, community service, dismissal or restriction from university employment, losing housing, and revocation of degree



No provisions for skipping the hearing process, implied guarantee of a hearing process




T​he panel may determine that a hearing is not necessary when all panel members agree that the information in the investigation report and the written submissions (if any) is sufficient to make a determination (for example, where the respondent does not dispute relevant facts). If the panel decides that a hearing is not necessary, the panel will proceed directly to make a determination, including an explanation of why a hearing is not necessary.”


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