Saturday 29th April 2017

About Us

The Columbia Lion Mission Statement

The Columbia Lion’s mission is to widen the circle of accepted discourse within the Columbia community. We strive to create a more intellectually-inclusive and stimulating environment by allowing all respectful discussion and debate to be heard, whether it be in line with the beliefs of the majority of community members or not. The Columbia Lion provides an environment for regulated yet unrestricted social interaction, a multiplicity of multimedia sources to encourage discourse, and a stable platform for discussion. The Lion strives to enhance the Columbia community by building on the spirit of open discourse that is that at the heart of every Columbian.

Policies and Procedures

Submission Policy: The Lion is committed to fostering a community of open discourse. In order to this we reserve the right to reject any submissions that are racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or otherwise disrespectful. If your submission is rejected you will be notified by The Lion team with the reason why your post was rejected.

Commenting Policy: The comment section is monitored by The Lion Technology team. They reserve the right to remove any comments that are racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or otherwise disrespectful. Furthermore, they reserve the right to remove any spam or unauthorized promotional content.

The Team

The Lion

Managing Board

Managing Board

The Lion's Managing Board is tasked with overseeing the daily operations of the publication and working to ensure the site's long term success. To contact the team, email

Arlena McClenton

Editor in Chief

Arlena McClenton (BC ’19) is the Editor in Chief for the Lion. Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, she is studying Comparative Literature. On campus, she’s a Writing Fellow and a mentor for the Columbia Mentoring Institute. She enjoys reading, drinking tea, and exploring the city.

Veronica Roach

Managing Editor

Veronica Roach (CC’20) is the Managing Editor for the Lion. A resident of South Florida, she loves to take advantage of all New York has to offer–from food, to museums, to theater–and hopes to memorize the entire subway system so she can call herself a New Yorker without reservation.

Michele Lin

Director of Technology

Michele Lin (CC ’18) is the Director of Technology for The Lion. Originally from New York, New York, she is studying Economics and Computer Science. On campus, she is an active member of the Columbia community. She enjoys drawing and listening to music.

Yael Turitz

Director of Campus Outreach

Yael Turitz (BC’19) is the Director of Campus Outreach for The Lion. Originally from Silver Spring, MD, she is planning to study English and Religion at Barnard. She is involved in Jewish campus life and theater on campus and loves working for publications like The Lion!

Remington Free

Creative Director

Remington Free (CC’20) is the Creative Director for the Lion. Originally from Toronto, Canada, she is intending to study astrophysics and creative writing. Besides photography and graphic design, her hobbies also include swimming, operatic singing and musical theatre.