Students write list of alleged "sexual assault violators" in Hamilton bathroom

Posted by: Lion Staff 12 months ago


Yesterday, we received a tip that students had named alleged "sexual assault violators on campus" in a Hamilton women's bathroom. The photos above show a list of four students, all of whom are Columbia undergrads. There were four distinct styles of handwriting, which suggests multiple authors. The names on the photos have been blacked out, out of respect for the judicial process.

Unfortunately, we were unable to see the list for ourselves, as Facilities had recently scrubbed the walls of the bathroom stalls. According to our tipster, it had been less than 24 hours since the list had been written. When we contacted Facilities to ask if they were aware of the list, and had changed their cleaning schedule of the building accordingly, we received this response:

“We were alerted to bathroom graffiti in Hamilton Hall, and Public Safety investigated. Graffiti is routinely removed by Facilities staff.”

— Daniel Held, Executive Director of Communications for Facilities

The use of the word "graffiti" is worth noting here — it carries both disciplinary consequences, in accordance with the University Rules of Conduct, as well as criminal consequences, in accordance with New York state law. It also raises the possibility that the students who wrote the list will face judicial repercussions from the university, while those listed will not. Because of the nature of the reporting system for Gender-Based Sexual Misconduct, Columbia can do very little with anonymous reports such as these, without the names of the victims or the dates the incidents occurred.

Update, 11:47 PM: A reader pointed out that the use of bathroom lists to identify alleged sex offenders is not unique to Columbia. The New York Times and the Brown Daily Herald also reported on a similar list at Brown University in 1990.

Update, 1:20 PM: According to University Senator Jared Odessky, 

"[T]he Rules [of Conduct] as they stand would likely apply to this specific case. [...] The Rules are supposed to dictate the process of sanctioning for offenses committed during demonstrations and protests, so at first glance graffiti appears to be outside of its purview. Yet there is a simple violation for causing "minor property damage or loss" or "endangering property on a University facility." This implies that the content of any action damaging property does not matter, but rather, the act of damaging property itself. Simple violations follow a different procedure than serious violations under the current Rules structure."

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  • CC 15 12 months ago
    Points: -25

    Wow, Columbia really takes their rape cover up operation seriously... my microwave exploded last semester and it took them 3 weeks to repair it, but a little bathroom list gets taken down in a few hours.

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    • No 11 months, 3 weeks ago
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      Whoever did this is seriously messed up and has no respect for privacy. Seriously, defacing public property to publicly shame people who may or may not even be guilty for whatever they’ve been accused of is absolutely despicable. Remember, these are people here, not monsters for you to parade around. To call erasing this accusatory list a "rape cover up" is actually terrible and shows how one-sided you are in the issue of gendered-based misconduct on campus. I’m glad this vandalism was erased before it had any worse repercussions.

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      • Good For Them! 11 months, 3 weeks ago
        Points: -2

        Considering the women who wrote the names were probably the victims, I think there is little doubt those men are guilty and these women got no justice. So good for them. If it keeps even one woman from being raped by one of those named it is well worth it!! It is time for the University and law enforcement to take this seriously!

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        • Anon 11 months, 3 weeks ago
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          Kill yourself.

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          • whatever bro 11 months, 2 weeks ago
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            after you....

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    • Russellsax 4 months ago
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  • Katina Cooper 11 months, 3 weeks ago
    Points: -4

    And just how many of these name are athletes or from rich families? The only reason that Columbia doesn't want rapes to be reported is due to the monetary loss from women going somewhere else for an education.

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  • TySOTW 11 months, 3 weeks ago
    Points: 7

    The keyword here is "alleged." It is completely irresponsible to publicly name people who allegedly committed a crime. And alleged on what grounds? The law? Hearsay? The people who were named could possibly be publicly shamed for being a rapist (which has major repercussions in one's life) when in fact they did nothing. Vigilante justice can be very dangerous.

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    • whatever bro 11 months, 2 weeks ago
      Points: -3

      boo f-ing hoo. Don't want to be outed as a rapist on a bathroom wall? Don't rape people. Don't want the deserved shame and stigma of being a rapist? don't rape people. Vigilante justice should be dangerous.

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  • sosun 11 months, 3 weeks ago
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    authorities everywhere do not like getting proven wrong in their previous judgments and does not take the corrective actions when obviously every system can fail just like any individual. it's the corrective action that matters not the wrong judgment necessarily....

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  • Columbia'sLadiesinPink 11 months, 3 weeks ago
    Points: -5

    If the authorities don't protect us then there is no choice but to protect ourselves. You give us no choice. And we will stand in solidarity and we will fight violence against women in a peaceful way. Just like our sisters in India!

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    • ELois P. Clayton 7 months, 1 week ago
      Points: 0

      I TOTALLY agree with how you feel about someone being raped(on campus or otherwise)!
      ATTN: My brother David, has been raped by guards(and one other "patient".inmate, at Chester MHC, in Chester, Illinois and we will NOT give up on getting the administrators and others involved in this COVERUP< prosecuted!
      NOTE: We have (2) SUBSTANTIATED COMPLAINTS;one against rapisr Chris Roberts(ans STA at Chester) and a Scott who has also assaulted our David.
      There are MORE, but IAG, is attempting to have them elimintaed from our law suit(2x2).
      We have in our possession, MEDICAL RECORDS and PHOTOS of INJURIES done to David(unprovoked by David), which will prove that these hanus crimes HAS happen to him;along with him(under FORCED psychtropic drugs), han STILL IDENTIFY some of the guards who raped him!
      We(David's family), is PLEADING for SUPPORT, to receive justice for him(even if it's just to assuit us at getting a RALLY to take place at Chester MHC, in Chester, Ilinois, to keep them EXPOSED about the abuses that has existed at Chester for OVER 20 years!
      I (Mrs. Calyton)(sis. of David), can be contacted at (773-826-2591, at ANY time, if you are interested in assisting us in receiving justice for our David.
      Thank you.
      Mrs. Clayton
      (sis. of David P.)

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  • Rob 11 months, 3 weeks ago
    Points: 3

    These people can and should be sued for character assignation and their names should be posted because they are definitely criminals.

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    • whatever bro 11 months, 2 weeks ago
      Points: 0

      unlike rapists, who should get to go to class skipping and singing tra-la-la.

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  • Columbiagradstudent 11 months, 2 weeks ago
    Points: -1

    Why are males allowed to roam campus without being surveilled and/or tracked with personal monitoring devices? How much more rape culture does the Columbia administration want to encourage on campus?

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