Glass House Battle of the Bands preview

Posted by: Jake Davidson 2 years, 5 months ago


Tomorrow at 8 p.m., Glass House Rocks takes over Lerner, and perhaps the coolest thing about it is the Battle of the Bands. Not only will the contestants compete for the immeasurable glory of winning over the Glass House audience, but the champion will also open the kickoff concert for the Columbia Music Festival.

So with all that on the line, who are these brave performers? Here's a preview of what you'll see tomorrow:

The Foggy Details

A relative veteran on the Columbia bands scene, the Details formed in 2010-2011 school year and still retain their original lineup of Alie Jimenez, CC 13, Noah Whitehead, SEAS 13, Lydia Ding, CC 13, Alex Tovar, SEAS 13, and Matt Lonski, CC 14. Described as a "An alt rock band influenced by Muse and Paramore," the Details also add a unique touch to their sound with Lydia's classical violin skills. 




Lubeen, the stage name of John Lubeen Hamilton, CC 13, is a one man hip-hop act, freestyle specialist and executive coordinator at the Columbia Univeristy Society of Hip Hop. Hamilton is prolific, having already released an EP and multiple singles. You can check out his repertoire on his website


Star and the Sea

Star and the Sea is an "indie/pop/soul" band consisting of Dominique Star, Natalie Weiner, Jon Saalfield, Emily Hamilton. Front-woman Star describes her songwriting as influenced by "Shakespeare, bad decisions, and the opposite of Taylor Swift" and their sound as the "edgy vocals of Fiona Apple and Bat for Lashes with the jazz and soul inspired pop of Kimbra and Florence + the Machine."


Standard Delivery

Standard delivery, made up of Drew Dunn-Rankin, Linan Qiu, Alex Roth, Jonah Belser and Prajit Gopal, was founded late last semester. The band is an eclectic mix of keyboards, drums, guitar and cello, and influences "ranging from roots to ragas." 


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