Summer in Review (June 9-28): Gates, syringes, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus

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It's nearing the end of June, and like most of you, the Carman gate has left campus. (Update: Both the Carman and the John Jay gates are being restored and repaired, and will hopefully be back by NSOP.) Here's some news from Morningside Heights to tide you over.


On Thursday, Columbia student and SWS president George Joseph co-authored a timely piece in The Guardian about the rapist lists on campus. It contained some interesting information (one of the accused's parents apparently donated between $10k and $25k to the university after his adjudication) and some...interesting quotes (“The most important thing was understanding the incredible extent of the university’s surveillance of those who challenge them. [...] “We couldn’t use Columbia email accounts or Columbia WiFi … and we had to be extremely careful about navigating the cameras that the university has placed everywhere on campus.”)

Joseph was then called out on Twitter by Luke Barnes (a deputy Spec editor) who said that Joseph should have disclosed his involvement in the group. In response, Joseph has told both us and Barnes that he is not part of No Red Tape, and that no conflict of interest exists. To date, no list of NRT members (or allies) has been published, likely due to the "incredible extent of the university's surveillance" surrounding the group.


Book Culture employees were apparently fired for attempting to join a labor union. The store issued a response to the accusations on their blog, saying that store supervisors are not allowed to join in a collective bargaining unit, according to labor laws.

Although they "expect to be engaging in contract negotiations soon and we look forward to working amicably with the union," readers have pointed out that many of Book Culture's employees are technically "managers," which puts them at risk of being fired as well.


Board of Trustees co-chairman and Lions football lover Bill Campbell has retired as promised, leaving the board to be led by Jonathan Schiller, CLS grad and Lions basketball lover.


Apparently ceiling collapses, like protest and Westside cheese, have become a part of Columbia life. The NY Post reported that in May 2010, a Columbia College student had the ceiling in her UAH dorm fall on her head, resulting in a herniated disk. When she sued the school, lawyers representing the university claimed that she must be fine, considering she graduated magna cum laude from Notre Dame Law School.


On Thursday, Studio-X, a Greenwich Village studio for Columbia GSAPP students, held a party to mark its closing. This wasn't the only bad news for architecture students — it received a rather negative review from digital archive Cryptome.

We were surprised at the decrepit state of the historic building, Avery Hall, home of the world famous Avery Architectural Library. But recognized the decrepitude customarily displayed by non-profits to induce generous contributions from donors like us. We introduced ourselves to staff and students as oligarchs who abandoned architectural practice to acquire serious wealth now beating off deans and architects with a 2x4.
The students were not impressed by our performance, having been beaten by 2x4s for years on the way to becoming masterful wielders of abusive tools of the ugliest and most environmentally damaging property ever created, design, fabricated, exported and outsourced by universities from the Five Eyes of US, UK, CA, AU and NZ armed with the most exquisitely destructive technology to assure steady customer consumption of hardware and software architecture of armaments to spy on and terrify their citizens, neighbors, allies and each other.


Your new Senior Night venue? | Photo credit / NY Post

Havana Central at the West End is being replaced by Heartland Brewery, a craft beer chain based entirely in New York with a very un-New York name. Though Havana's precursor, The West End, has historic significance, being the regular hangout of prominent Beat writers, Heartland's owner hopes to create his own ode to history by designing the new location as a "tribute to a pre-prohibition brewery located at 127th Street & Amsterdam, called Bernheimer & Schwartz."


A local middle school held its graduation in our university "student center."


In a piece celebrating the opening of a startup lab for alumni entrepreneurs earlier this month, Columbia inadvertently highlighted the differences between SIPA and B-School alums.

The start-ups participating in Columbia Startup Lab reflect the diversity of students and areas of expertise at Columbia. Tyler Radford (SIPA’12) created RecoveryHub, a website that helps communities and humanitarian organizations direct relief and recovery efforts. Elizabeth Wilkes (BUS’13) founded Exubrancy to offer fitness, massage and meditation classes in the offices of New York City companies.


For some reason, Julia Louis-Dreyfus visited Dodge.


Columbia College Today, alumni publication and beloved mailbox stuffer, has published their Commencement issue. Though the magazine has been accused of focusing on uncontroversial aspects of Columbia's image to get alumni to donate, red tape on graduates' caps was noticeably visible on the cover photo.

A recurring feature of CCT, Class Notes, includes messages sent by alums to update readers on how significant and meaningful their post-grad lives have been. Though no one from the Class of 2014 sent a class note, the section did include an interesting tidbit from Julia Feldberg, CC '10.

Last but not least, here is our regular installment from Chris Yim [CC '10]: “In February, I was walking to dinner in a dicey part of San Francisco when I was bitten by what I thought was a snake. However, it was not a snake. A stranger had taken a syringe to my shoulder. Essentially, I was stabbed. The needle penetrated my military jacket and went into my flesh. I flipped out, slapped the needle out and ran away. I was a nervous wreck for a number of days before I could finally see a doctor. The last time I had seen a doctor was on Thanksgiving Day, when I dislocated my shoulder wrestling my little brother (true story!). I went to the ER, and they charged me nearly a grand for 1.5 hours of their service/time. This experience made me incredibly wary of hospitals and medicine. However, I had to go to get peace of mind. They ran the blood test, and it came out negative for any diseases or conditions.


Football's winless season was conspicuously absent from the Athletics Year in Review video. Fortunately, men's cross country, men's fencing, men's tennis, golf, and baseball, who all won Ivy League championships, were not. Also, 216 athletes made Dean's List, and 41 are in the "4.0 Club," which could refer to anything from GPA to a club sandwich.


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