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Photo by Luke Haubenstock (CC ’20)

Many students of color on this campus are hurt and scared as a result of the Election results last night. Last night, hundreds of students came out to Low Plaza in solidarity and to cope with what was for them a frightening reality. In a tip we received from anonymous source, the Provost has granted Professors the ability to move exams this week at their discretion. If you’re feeling stressed or in need of someone to talk to, please reach out to your community or some of the sources below:

1. CPS # : 212-854-2878, know that you can request to see someone who shares aspects of your identity (PoC, woman, queer folk)

2. Nightline #: 212-857-7777 is staffed by trained students and available from 10PM to 3AM every day of the week.

3. Mujeres, Proud Colors, Sister Circle, and Men of Color Alliance will be hosting a space in the IRC tonight from 7-9pm. (The IRC is not wheelchair accessible.)

4. University Life will be hosting a space in the Law School Case Lounge in Jerome Greene Hall 7th floor from 5-7pm.

5. Broadway Presbyterian Church (on corner of 114th and Broadway) is hosting a sanctuary all day for those that need some quiet space, and a prayer from 12:10-12:30 pm.

6. Chicanx Caucus will have their usual space open tonight in replacement of their General Body meeting. It will be a reflection/healing space for anyone that needs it. The event is from 9-10PM tonight in Hamilton 516.

If you are interested in writing about your thoughts on this situation or talking with someone, The Lion team is available via email or Facebook Messenger. We can help with writing op-eds, reviewing poetry, helping with photo essays, comments, or any form you want to express yourself through.

Stay safe and stay united, Columbia.

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Columbia students are currently outside on Low Steps screaming and in tears shocked at the results from the 2016 Election.

This is a scary time for many members of our community who have been frightened by the hatred and vitriol that has come from this campaign season. Students, staff, and faculty are scared. To our beautiful community, stay safe. Talk with your friends, talk with your Professors, talk with CPS, but the most important thing is to talk. Do not feel alone even as the results of this election unfold. We will stay united and we will stay together. No matter what, we absolutely cannot let hate and bigotry win.

Stay safe. The beauty and diversity of this nation will prevail and we will eventually overcome this struggle.

– The Lion Managing Board

 For support, know the following Columbia resources available:

Counseling and Psychological Services – (212) 854-2878
Columbia Health – (212) 854-7426
Office of the University Chaplain – (212) 854-1493
Advising Deans – (212) 854-6378
Nightline – (212) 854-7777

In addition, please talk with your friends, Professors, and coworkers.

In an announcement from John Jay Hall Council, Taylor Wallace, a member of the Columbia College Class of 2020 has passed away over the weekend.

To celebrate his life, there will be a vigil for him on Monday from 8-10PM in the John Jay Lounge.

From the Facebook event:

Monday night, John Jay Hall Council will be hosting an event to remember Taylor Wallace and provide a space to discuss and cope with his loss. Members of Columbia Psychological Services will be there to help facilitate a discussion on grief, suicide prevention, and mental health stigma. All are welcome.
Rest in peace, Taylor.


Here at the Lion, we’re always looking for fresh perspectives on life at Columbia. This semester marks the debut of our columnist program, in which four writers help us view our community and our world through a different lens. Without further ado, here are our new columnists:

photoHeather is a junior in Columbia College, majoring in Neuroscience and Behavior. In addition to writing for the Lion, she is the Vice President of the Columbia Neuroscience Society, conducts neuroscience research at Columbia, and is a Tour Captain in the Undergraduate Recruitment Committee. While she originally hails from sunny San Diego, she’s adopted New York City as her home. In her words, her column will “use recent discoveries in psychology, neuroscience, and sociology to tackle modern issues, unravel common misconceptions, and search for a scientific solution to uniquely human problems.” Heather’s column will run alternating Mondays.


Zhanna is a junior at Columbia College, majoring in architecture. She is Armenian, but was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. Her interests include anything from art history to mathematics, but she is particularly passionate about food, exciting new technologies, and 20th century avant-garde art and architecture. In her words, her column will “explore the architecture of Columbia’s campus from engineering, aesthetic, political, and functional points of view.” Zhanna’s column will run alternating Thursdays.


Barry is a sophomore at SEAS majoring in Applied Math, with a minor in Political Science. Originally from Hangzhou, China, he enjoys exploring cross cultural adventures outside the quantitative field where he is studying. He is interested in topics of international relations, economy, scientific development, and traveling. During his free time, he likes cooking and playing guitar. In his words, he plans to write about “international relations, economic development, and culture in the eyes of a math guy.” Barry’s column will run alternating Wednesdays.


Cesar is from Riverside, California. He is a first year in Columbia College who plans to study Economics. In high school, he attended workshops with the Press Enterprise (the main newspaper of his area of California), and was a part of a college access program at Pomona College for three years. These two experiences have impacted his world view significantly. Through these workshops, he learned how information that may often seem dry can be delivered effectively and precisely, while remaining interesting and engaging. His experiences at Pomona College have taught him to see things through a critical, but attentive lens. In his words, his column will be “mainly centered around educational equity, societal and cultural analysis, and, of course, economics.” Cesar’s column will run alternating Tuesdays.


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In an email sent out to the Columbia community earlier today, Columbia has announced that starting in a few weeks, Columbia ATMs will be switching from Citibank to a new system supported by Santander Banking.

The full message can be found below.

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