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Last week, Columbia Dining announced that JJ’s Place will remain open during Spring Break.

After reaching out to Barnard Dining Services, The Lion has learned that Hewitt will not be open during break nor will students be given special permission to use their meal swipes at JJ’s Place.

From the email we received from Al Sorbera, Director of Dining Services:

Please know that Hewitt Dining Hall will not be open during spring break.  Spring break allows us the opportunity to conduct deep cleaning and required maintenance, along with internal training that cannot be accomplished while in full operational mode.


In a surprise announcement, Columbia Dining announced on Friday that JJ’s Place will remain open during Spring Break. While it will be open, it will operate on different hours, running from 10AM to 7PM. To meet student needs, it will accept standard meal plans.

Over the past few years, students and organizations such as FLIP have asked for dining halls to remain open over break to support food insecure students. In the past, Dining has sold break packs of goods that students could purchase to make on their own while dining halls were closed.


From a post on the Columbia University Dining Facebook account:

Due to popular demand, JJ’s will be open during Spring Break and you can use your Meal Plan!!!

Hours: Saturday, March 12th through Sunday, March 20th from 10am to 7pm


We have reached out to Dining for more information.


Update (2/9/16):

Columbia Dining has provided an update about the new policy. We have reached out to Barnard Dining and will update this article again if we get a response.

The need for on-campus dining during academic breaks has been discussed with student leaders in the past, but has been too costly to pursue. Last summer, we completed two major infrastructure projects (Ferris Booth staircase and John Jay plumbing), which now allows us to focus resources elsewhere. JJ’s Place will open this year during spring recess on a limited schedule. We’ll assess usage and then determine the need and feasibility to continue the service for future break periods.

Are you addicted to reviewing restaurants? Late last night, Kieren Weisert (CC’ 18) decided to review the beloved JJ’s Place. Rather than bore you with multiple fluff paragraphs about why you should read his scintillating review, we’re just going to recommend that you read it. (especially if you’re a Yeezy fan).

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You’ve just gotten back to school, the impending semester looms over you the way whipped cream envelops a Serendipity 3 frozen hot chocolate, and you can scarcely hear the word “homework” before wanting to collapse into a pile of mediocre sushi. But, wait! There’s hope–and it arrives in the form of glorious, relatively well-priced, foodie heaven: New York Winter 2016 Restaurant Week.

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Gawker has been publishing rankings of everything from Kanye West album tracks to New York private schools. In a similar spirit, here is everything at Columbia, ranked. There is no appeals process, but if we genuinely forgot about something, we’ll insert it into its respective ranking. Comment below if you’d like to see more rankings.

Places to eat around campus (Dining Dollars)

1. Cafe East

2. Uris Deli

3. Carleton Lounge

4. Cafe 212

5. JJ’s Place

6. Ferris Booth

7. John Jay

Places to eat around campus (Flex)

1. Brownie’s (tie)

1. Joe’s (tie)

2. Morton Williams

Places to eat around campus (real money)

1. Community

2. Dig Inn

3. Chipotle

4. Five Guys

5. Tom’s

6. Mel’s

7. Bernheim and Schwartz

8. The Heights

9. Kitchenette

10. Brad’s

11. Deluxe

Dorms (Columbia)

1. East Campus

2. Woodbridge (tie)

2. Hogan (tie)

3. Watt

4. Brownstones (548, ZBT, frats, SIC, etc.)

5. Broadway

6. John Jay (tie)

6. Carman (tie)

7. Ruggles

8. Furnald

9. Wallach

10. Schapiro

11. Claremont (tie)

11. River (tie)

12. Hartley

13. Wien

14. Harmony

15. Nussbaum

16. McBain

Club Sports

1. Ski (tie)

1. Rugby (tie)

2. Men’s lacrosse

3. Water polo

4. Cycling

5. Hockey

6. Ultimate frisbee

(There are a lot, so we’ll leave it at that.)

Social media apps

1. Yik Yak

2. Twitter

3. Snapchat

4. Instagram

5. Bored@Butler

6. Facebook

Music Festivals

1. Bacchanal


3. Whatever NYU has

Phys ed electives

1. Self-paced running (tie)

1. Strength training, non-8:40 AM (tie)

1. Yoga (tie)

2. Ski

3. Hiking

4-6. Sailing/kayaking/canoeing


99. Strength training, 8:40 AM

100. Beginning lap swim


You don’t get this one.

Majors (Columbia College)

1. Computer Science (tie)

1. Physics (tie)

2. Biology

3. History

4. Philosophy

5. Chemistry

6. Classics

7. Math

8. Anthropology

9. Statistics

10. Economics

11. Political Science

12. English

(There are others, but we went with the most popular ones.)


1. Columbia College

2. Contemporary Civilization

3. The email CC

Core classes

1. Art Hum

2. Lit Hum, 2nd semester

3. CC, 2nd semester

4. Lit Hum, 1st semeter

5. Music Hum

6. CC, 1st semester

7. Frontiers of Science

8. University Writing

Bars (currently in operation)

1. Lion’s Head

2. Village Pourhouse

3. The Heights

4. Bernheim & Schwartz

5. 1020

6. Tara Hill (nee Cannon’s)

7. Mel’s

8. The Abbey

9. Domain


1. NoCo

2. Lehman (SIPA)

3. Starr East Asian Library

4. Avery

5. Lehman (Barnard)

6. Butler

7. Uris

Investment banks

1. The one you wanted but didn’t get into

2. The one whose campus recruiting rep you gave your resume to

3. The one your dad works at

4. The one your frat alums work at

5. The one you follow in LinkedIn

6. The one you’ll eventually work at

Campus publications

1. HerCampus Barnard (tie)

1. Specsucks (tie)

2. Barnard Bulletin

3. Columbia College Today

4. Harvard Lampoon

5. The Columbia Daily Spectator: 60 Years of Front Pages

6. A collection of groupons

7. A blank InDesign page