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A while back, I posted about a song called “Blue Window”, the love child of a collab EP between Duñe and Crayon.  If you remember, I was absolutely obsessed with it and tried to use all of my minimal influence to convince you to press play. Well, this track right here named “I Can’t” is another track from that same EP, and I can’t believe I passed it by without noticing it’s glory. Just like “Blue Window”, the percussion combinations are so carefully crafted, the vocals are nothing short of angelic sweet nothings, and the hip-hop/electronic vibes are ever-present.

I’ve always been a sucker for hard-hitting percussions, and Cabu delivers on this remix of Danelle’s “Chairs”. It’s a soothing, electronic track, more suitable for chilling by the pool than a wild night. Enjoy these vibes ~

I don’t know what it is about this song but I really like it. Honestly have never heard of Big Baby D.R.A.M, but I’m weirdly into it. You got a good melody, some funny lyrics i.e. “I choose you like a Pokemon”, a bangin beat, and a fun vibe. It’s hip-hop, it’s rap, but with a funky soulful vibe, and there’s nothing I love better than some well-done genre mixing. Bump to this.

Let’s break this posting drought with this absolute jam. As always, I’m a sucker for anything with horns, and there’s some interesting percussion in there too. The track sounds like something from Louis the Child without all the synth, but it’s coming at us from Chicago-native Whethan. Of the 6 tracks he’s posted to Soundcloud since his debut 8 months ago, 4 of them have over 1 millon plays- in other words, he’s producing quality tracks from the get-go, and from the sound of “Can’t Hide,” it’ll be his biggest track yet. Just when you thought summer was coming to a close, we got this- and it’s a beaut.


BANKS. She’s back ladies and gents. She’s back, we have a full album coming our way on September 30th, and she’s already begun teasing it with her first two singles “Fuck with Myself” and “Gemini Feeds”, both of which are fuckin bangin’. Take one look at the video of “Fuck with Myself” and you’ll realize that BANKS has decided on a direction on this album, and its dark. Its grungier, its harsher, it’s creepier, and it’s fucking thrilling. In “Fuck with Myself”, there’s a deep slamming drum throughout the back of the track, setting the intense, heart-thumping mood. She’s sending a message, and it’s letting us know that she’s not messing around. Oh, and if you think you recognize the synthy electronic on this track, you do: it’s the ever-talented London-native , SOHN.

Look at that cover art…