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Utterly SNAKEHIPS vibe right here. You’ve got the neo-soul feel, the R&B influence, the beautiful voice and flow of a black vocalist (Rachel Marie), and the feel-good kiss. You can’t help but love songs like this- they’re just joyful. Kick back at the pool and bump this on your speaker.


This song is so incredibly chill. Like sitting in a calm oasis in the middle of the woods type of chill. It literally feels like meditation at some points, especially in the beginning before the lyrics enter. Iris Temple has this deep, soothing voice that lingers in space, caressing your ears. Relatively unknown at the moment, but I can see that changing- hopefully not too soon though, because I want him all to myself (and you guys). You can download this track free on Soundcloud, just click the little down-pointing arrow in the song widget below.


So this one’s personal. Well actually not really but it feels that way. Pierce is my friend Addie’s older brother, and “Borrowed Lives” is his single off his upcoming EP Borrowed Lives out tomorrow.  Pierce has been off the map for a while due to personal circumstances, but he’s come back better than ever.  Don’t expect this to sound like what you’re used to from Pierce; he’s truly taken a radically different turn away from his heavier, more intense electronic music with this, and I’m heavily, heavily into it. “Borrowed Lives” is an indie-electronic dance track, and it’s got the kind of sound that drags me to my feet. Pierce is calling Borrowed Lives “his favorite music he’s ever made”, and I’m in no place to disagree. Check this shit out.



This past spring, Korean violinist Hyung Joon Won visited several college campuses across the Northeast, including Columbia, Harvard, and Princeton, to speak about the Lindenbaum Project. While at Columbia, Won met with students from Columbia’s chapter of Liberty in North Korea as well as students from various campus music groups.

Won began the project in 2009, with the goal of easing tensions and bringing harmony to North-South Korean relations through classical music. Based on precedents such as the West-East Divan Orchestra between Israel and Palestine and El Sistema in Venezuela, the project’s goal is to harness the power of classical music for social change.

Won has long been recognized for combining musicianship and activism. As a soloist he has toured worldwide in collaboration with orchestras such as the Hong Kong Pan Asia Philharmonic, Massapequa Philharmonic, and the Marrowstone Festival Orchestra. In 1990, Won performed at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Switzerland, celebrating the reunification of East and West Germany. In 1996, he performed at the UN General Assembly Hall under the theme World Peace.

A collection of musicians, students, and activists has joined Won in reaching his goal. Notably, Maestro Charles Dutoit of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the Philadelphia Orchestra has backed the project.

Columbia’s own Gary Kim (SEAS ‘18) has spearheaded a new technology-based project that will feature an international collaboration of musicians in a recording of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. Between 2011 and 2015, Won made several attempts to organize a joint live concert between North and South Korean musicians. However, each time one of the governments rescinded permission to do so at the last minute, due to a sudden rise in political or military tensions. Kim’s technology-based solution allows for remote recordings of each part in the symphony, temporarily eliminating the need for organizing logistics across the border. Won’s hope is that the technology-based project will be a first step to displaying the peacemaking power of music.  

In April, students from Columbia and Harvard helped Won and Kim submit a proposal for the 2016 Google Impact Challenge. If awarded, funding from this challenge will help spread awareness of the Lindenbaum Project and garner more international support.

Won will be returning to New York this July to give talks at the Waterfall Gallery.

Earlier this week, the Bacchanal Committee officially announced that Rae Sremmurd, Marian Hill, and Bibi Bourelly will be performing at this year’s Bacchanal.

Tickets to Bacchanal 2016 are available for the performance on April 2nd. As previously announced, EVELINE will also be featured during this year’s show.

We will update this post with more information as it becomes available.