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BANKS. She’s back ladies and gents. She’s back, we have a full album coming our way on September 30th, and she’s already begun teasing it with her first two singles “Fuck with Myself” and “Gemini Feeds”, both of which are fuckin bangin’. Take one look at the video of “Fuck with Myself” and you’ll realize that BANKS has decided on a direction on this album, and its dark. Its grungier, its harsher, it’s creepier, and it’s fucking thrilling. In “Fuck with Myself”, there’s a deep slamming drum throughout the back of the track, setting the intense, heart-thumping mood. She’s sending a message, and it’s letting us know that she’s not messing around. Oh, and if you think you recognize the synthy electronic on this track, you do: it’s the ever-talented London-native , SOHN.

Look at that cover art…

Utterly SNAKEHIPS vibe right here. You’ve got the neo-soul feel, the R&B influence, the beautiful voice and flow of a black vocalist (Rachel Marie), and the feel-good kiss. You can’t help but love songs like this- they’re just joyful. Kick back at the pool and bump this on your speaker.


So this one’s personal. Well actually not really but it feels that way. Pierce is my friend Addie’s older brother, and “Borrowed Lives” is his single off his upcoming EP Borrowed Lives out tomorrow.  Pierce has been off the map for a while due to personal circumstances, but he’s come back better than ever.  Don’t expect this to sound like what you’re used to from Pierce; he’s truly taken a radically different turn away from his heavier, more intense electronic music with this, and I’m heavily, heavily into it. “Borrowed Lives” is an indie-electronic dance track, and it’s got the kind of sound that drags me to my feet. Pierce is calling Borrowed Lives “his favorite music he’s ever made”, and I’m in no place to disagree. Check this shit out.