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Columbia Libraries and Columbia Housing announce new housing option in Butler

Citing recent Housing shortages and increased student populations, Columbia Libraries and Columbia Housing announced in a joint statement that Butler’s 7th and 8th floors will be converted into 25 new singles ranging from 98 to 135 square feet. Deborah Jackson, the current Director of Columbia Housing said in a statement to The Lion, “The addition of these new rooms will be great for students. We believe this will allow us to increase the breadth of housing options available to students and ensure that every Columbian has access to affordable, on-campus housing.”

In addition, Columbia University Libraries’s communications director, Matthew Robertson stated, “We are quite excited to welcome students to Butler’s upper floors. With this addition, we expect to increase synergies to better integrate the linear system’s vast resources with the Columbia undergraduate community.”

To accommodate the new residence hall, Butler Library will commence construction at the start of reading week on [] to ensure an on-time project. Robertson noted that construction noises will be kept at a minimum to ensure “ideal studying conditions.”

The Butler Residences will be available to students in Columbia College and the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science through the online selection process of the Housing lottery and are expected to be chosen quickly.

At the time of writing, The Lion received multiple tips suggesting that Facilities under the request of James Valentini, Dean of Columbia College and Executive President of Undergraduate Education, had begun researching the possibility of adding new rooms inside of IAB 417.

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