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CUMB Releases Fall 2016 Orgo Night Posters


One of Columbia’s more controversial events, the Columbia University Marching Band (CUMB) has released its first set of posters for this semester’s Orgo Night.

Orgo Night takes place in Butler 209 at 11:59PM on 12/15. During the event, the band comments and jokes about past events on campus while helping students destress through their performances. They also perform various songs from their collection. An example of a past Orgo Night event can be found here.

To get ready for the event, the band has also released a video titled “Mean Tweets: Orgo Night Edition” in which they read tweets from students that have criticized their group in the past.

Below are the first set of posters released by the band.

1fallorgo2016 2fallorgo2016 3fallorgo2016 4fallorgo2016 7fallorgo2016

To view more information about the event, you can look at their Facebook event here.

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