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Deantini: The Scripted Editorial, LIVE

Photo Courtesy CU Now Show

Have you seen the newest CU Now video? The video, released last night, features Shreyas Manohar (CC ’18) covering a gamut of issues alongside the Dean of Columbia College, James Valentini.

To better understand student reactions to the video, our team went out and polled students from a variety of academic years and backgrounds about their reactions to the new video. Check out what students said below.

“My favorite moment by far was near the beginning when Sophie (CC ’17) is brought in to ask a question and with a cold glare looks at Dean Valentini and Shreyas and asks “Is this [pointing at the set]…. what I’m paying 60,000 dollars a year for?? It just made me laugh so much because it epitomizes how I feel every time I think about the fact I pay for all the stress that comes with life at Columbia. Even better was Shreyas as he hastily tried to respond to the student as if he was obligated to do so”

  • Anonymous, CC ’16

“Part of me felt like this was an attempt by Deantini to seem cool and in touch with students”

  • Anonymous, CC ’17

“Overall, I really enjoyed the video. It was just a nice, humorous way to remember a bunch of the events that have happened over the semester. Shreyas really steals the show as usual”

  • Anonymous, CC ’18

“Only Shreyas would curse to Dean Valentini and get him to run to find a printer”

  • Anonymous, CC ’18

“I’m honestly surprised Dean Valentini agreed to this. For how long the video is and all the scenes involved, I really was surprised by it. I think we as students really try to cast every administrator in a bad light. The entire thing is actually pretty humorous and a great way to procrastinate during finals system. I really like that he took the time to do it. But there’s a 99% guarantee that some student is just going to complain and call it fake”

  • Anonymous, CC ’19

“Honestly? It was awkward…. but it worked. I wonder what it would be like if Shreyas got to do this with PrezBo”

  • Anonymous, CC ’19

If you haven’t yet, make sure to watch the full video below:

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