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Updated: FLIP backtracks on decision to terminate relationship with Swipes

Late last night, the Columbia First-Generation Low-Income Partnership (FLIP) announced that they would be terminating their relationship with Swipes, the recently-launched mobile application meant to help connect students interested in sharing and receiving meal swipes.

From the  group’s Facebook page:

As of today, Columbia FLIP has decided to terminate our partnership with Swipes as a way to help end food insecurity on campus. We have determined that the app is detrimental to our efforts to solve food insecurity, and thus we at FLIP encourage everyone to stop using the app and go back to using CU Meal Share.


We will update this post as more information becomes available.

Update: FLIP has taken down their post announcing their intent to terminate their relationship with Swipes as they work with Swipes and the Student Councils to resolve their issues.

All three groups have issued the following statement:

There was a lapse in communication tonight between FLIP, CCSC and Swipes. We’re all going to meet in person as soon as possible to discuss our partnership.

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