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Lion Guides: Energy Drinks

Getting ready to pull another all-nighter? You’re probably looking for some tips for how to avoid that late night crash. Luckily for you, The Lion team has compiled this useful guide for the best energy drinks to keep you going and ways to effectively use them. Think we missed something? Let us know by emailing

1. If you’re new to energy drinks, start slow

The first time you drink a Monster or a Red Bull, you are really going to feel it, and it might be a little scary. It’s better to try one before any major deadlines so you don’t end up freaking out with only a few hours to finish that problem set.

2. When it counts, buy two

 If you’re pulling an all-nighter or doing more than a few hours of work, one energy drink isn’t going to cut it. The good news is that it’s easier to stay wired than get yourself energized in the first place, so the second drink will actually last you longer than the first.

 You should consume your first drink over the course of about an hour or an hour and a half. The next drink should take about 2.5 to 3 hours to finish. If you’re feeling too buzzed, slow down. A little boost is great, but too much caffeine can increase anxiety and even make it difficult to type.

Also, stop after two drinks. Three (probably) won’t hurt you, but it’s not healthy. And frankly, you’re going to be getting rapidly diminishing returns after your second hit.

3. Listen to music, especially EDM/Dubstep

Drinking an energy drink is all about keeping you… wait for it… energized. As such, it’s very helpful to listen to some high energy music while consuming your beverage of choice. Plus, for whatever reason, you will get super into the music while buzzed on caffeine, which will keep your motivation up, fatigue down, and help you get into a groove in whatever you’re working on. If you can’t stand EDM, you can probably get away with anything that’s not actively relaxing.

4. Start drinking before you’re tired

This is the most important piece of advice on the list (which is why it’s number four? What kind of dummy is writing this?): always start cracking open your drink before you feel tired. Energy drinks are magical, magical things, but they can only do so much.

If you’re already fading, all a Red Bull is going to do is make you twitch in your sleep. Instead, start drinking when you start working, let the caffeine get you in the zone, and you’ll be able to stop fatigue before it starts.

5. Figure out which energy drink works best for you

Each brand of energy drink has a slightly different feel, taste, size, etc. You might find that Red Bull is perfect, but Monster is too much. Or you may like that Mountain Dew energy drink for some reason. Whatever, The Lion’s not here to judge. The Butler vending machine is well stocked with product, and it’s even decently priced. Try a couple and see which you prefer.

6. What drinks do we recommend?

Here are a few of our team’s favorite drinks in no particular order:

  • Starbucks double shot energy
  • Red Bull
  •  5 Hour Energy
  •  Red Bull Blue Edition
  •  Red Bull Red Edition
  •  Monster
  •  SK Energy Shots

7. Stay Focused

This isn’t related to energy drinks, but the hardest part of an all-nighter is staying focused on the end goal of finishing your work. While energy guides can keep you awake, you need to ignore those lingering thoughts of taking a ‘quick nap’ (aka sleep for 7 hours) or ‘working while laying in your bed under some warm sheets.’

Finally, and most, most, most, importantly, talk to your doctor before doing anything on this list or even closing this browser window because The Lion is not responsible for anything that might or might not result from drinking a bunch of caffeine.

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