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Meet Natalia Jacobowitz – ESC Elections – Class of 2018 Vice President

Photo Courtesy Natalia Jacobowitz

As part of our elections coverage, The Lion is sharing responses from candidates about the following questions:

  1. What motivated you to run for this position?
  2. If elected, what would your goals be?
  3. What is something you want to fix at Columbia? How would you plan to address it?
  4. Any additional comments you would like to share with voters?

Below, you can find the candidate(s)’s unfiltered responses to help in deciding who you choose to vote for.  The Lion has yet to endorse any candidate at this time and the views below do not necessarily represent the views of our team. For more information, email

What motivated you to run for this position?
I have always been the type of person who is proactive when it comes to situations that I can change rather than just complain. I don’t like the fact that I don’t personally know many of my talented, interesting, and fun peers in SEAS 2018 and I know I am not the only one who feels this way. After almost 2 full years on campus, nothing has been done to change this. I am running for my ESC 2018 Vice President in order to make this change.

I am aware that my party and I are running against students that have previously been involved with council. It is this fact that has motivated me to run. I have not directly seen much done by the people currently “in office” and my goal by the end of my term would be that every student in the SEAS class of 2018 recognizes the changes that have been made.

If elected, what would your goals be?
My main goal would be to have every student in SEAS Class of 2018 to know each other. This is not an implausible feat. Rather quite doable. We have about a meager 320 students our year. I want to create events that students are interested in attending whether because they are fun or because they are practical. (See my platform for ideas of events)

Another goal is to simply be organized. There are so many events and dates to be cognizant of at any given point. I will create a calendar of important events for SEAS Class of 2018 which people can import to their own lionmail calendars. This will make things a lot easier for everyone. Also, there are so many resources that people just don’t know exist or forget exist. I want to create a document/ site that contains a list of every resource for students whether it is a list of stores that offer student discounts, how to get free online NYTimes newspaper subscription, CPS resources, free exercise classes on campus, a link to Density along with a list of all the libraries and their hours, and so much more. I will constantly be adding to this list.

What is something you want to fix at Columbia? How would you plan to address it?
Besides for what I have already mentioned, I am more interested in finding out what my fellow students want to see fixed. I would do this by sending a survey in an email. I WILL actually read what people say and then I will make sure to find solutions. I am excited to create relationships with the administration and student groups and do whatever it takes to accomplish my goals. Everything I do while on board will have SEAS class of 2018 in mind.

Any additional comments you would like to share with voters?
Having been secretary of Engineers Without Borders (EWB) for a year, I am accustomed to being on a board/ working with a group and having leadership roles. I handled the 1500+ person EWB listserv and wrote and sent the weekly emails. This job required organization and communication. I may be new to the specific ESC 2018 board but I come with lots of prior experience and energy.

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