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Meet the Columnists – Fall 2016

Here at the Lion, we’re always looking for fresh perspectives on life at Columbia. This semester marks the debut of our columnist program, in which four writers help us view our community and our world through a different lens. Without further ado, here are our new columnists:

photoHeather is a junior in Columbia College, majoring in Neuroscience and Behavior. In addition to writing for the Lion, she is the Vice President of the Columbia Neuroscience Society, conducts neuroscience research at Columbia, and is a Tour Captain in the Undergraduate Recruitment Committee. While she originally hails from sunny San Diego, she’s adopted New York City as her home. In her words, her column will “use recent discoveries in psychology, neuroscience, and sociology to tackle modern issues, unravel common misconceptions, and search for a scientific solution to uniquely human problems.” Heather’s column will run alternating Mondays.


Zhanna is a junior at Columbia College, majoring in architecture. She is Armenian, but was born and raised in Moscow, Russia. Her interests include anything from art history to mathematics, but she is particularly passionate about food, exciting new technologies, and 20th century avant-garde art and architecture. In her words, her column will “explore the architecture of Columbia’s campus from engineering, aesthetic, political, and functional points of view.” Zhanna’s column will run alternating Thursdays.


Barry is a sophomore at SEAS majoring in Applied Math, with a minor in Political Science. Originally from Hangzhou, China, he enjoys exploring cross cultural adventures outside the quantitative field where he is studying. He is interested in topics of international relations, economy, scientific development, and traveling. During his free time, he likes cooking and playing guitar. In his words, he plans to write about “international relations, economic development, and culture in the eyes of a math guy.” Barry’s column will run alternating Wednesdays.


Cesar is from Riverside, California. He is a first year in Columbia College who plans to study Economics. In high school, he attended workshops with the Press Enterprise (the main newspaper of his area of California), and was a part of a college access program at Pomona College for three years. These two experiences have impacted his world view significantly. Through these workshops, he learned how information that may often seem dry can be delivered effectively and precisely, while remaining interesting and engaging. His experiences at Pomona College have taught him to see things through a critical, but attentive lens. In his words, his column will be “mainly centered around educational equity, societal and cultural analysis, and, of course, economics.” Cesar’s column will run alternating Tuesdays.


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