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Meet Tracy Cao – CCSC Elections – Class of 2017

Photo Courtesy Tracy Cao

As part of our elections coverage, The Lion is sharing responses from candidates about the following questions:

  1. What motivated you to run for this position?
  2. If elected, what would your goals be?
  3. What is something you want to fix at Columbia? How would you plan to address it?
  4. Any additional comments you would like to share with voters?

Below, you can find the candidate(s)’s unfiltered responses to help in deciding who you choose to vote for.  The Lion has yet to endorse any candidate at this time and the views below do not necessarily represent the views of our team. For more information, email

What motivated you to run for this position? 
I have sat on CCSC Campus Life Committee for the past year, and been an appointed member of CCSC’17 for the past semester. I really enjoy and get a lot from being part of student council- I think it’s great to be able to participate in all the event planning and organizing, and it means a lot to me to be able to voice the hopes and concerns of my fellow students.
If elected, what would your goals be?
1. Fun: I plan to enliven your senior year with more fun events on top of the traditional events, including a Winter Masquerade Ball, a Midnight Dessert Bar, a Karaoke and Dance Night, a Pillow Fight on Low Steps…I hope to increase the amount of free events, as well as lower the costs for tickets, so that the events are more accessible and everyone can join the fun.
2. Class Spirit: I hope to work together with other campus organizations and sponsors to fund more free giveaways at events and cheaper apparel sales to boost that senior year spirit!
3. Career Development: I hope to strengthen ties between seniors and alumni by organizing more mixers and networking events in collaboration with CCE, where alumni can offer valuable advice and guidance on their post-grad experiences. Resume workshops and info sessions on grad-school/med-school prep will also be held in collaboration with career-oriented student groups on campus.
4. Other: I also aim to work towards increasing available study spaces and hours during midterm and final seasons, increasing transparency regarding student finances. I am also thinking of developing a “”Swipe Mentorship””, where upperclassmen and underclassmen can “”match”” and develop meaningful mentorship through lunch dates (and it’s a good way to use those swipes).
What is something you want to fix at Columbia? How would you plan to address it?
I think a lot of the events at Columbia in the past have charged significant amounts for tickets that may present financial pressure to many students, especially for senior events such as senior bbq or senior masquerade ball. I hope to advocate for more funding towards these events, and also reach out to the financial aid office to voice this concern, and give more students the chance to participate in these events without having a financial burden placed on them.
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