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Lion Profiles: Mohnish Chakravarti (SEAS ’20)

Meet Mohnish Chakravarti. Mohnish, a first-year in SEAS is originally from Mumbai, India and interested in the intersections of entrepreneurship, machine learning, and computer science. We sat down with him to learn a little more about him and how’s he preparing for his first semester.

What are you current passions? How do you think you’ll pursue them on campus?
I’m really interested in entrepreneurship and math. I’ll be continuing work on two projects from high school (EarlyDetect and Trimmed) as a part of Res Inc this year and I also hope to join CORE, ADI and other startup ecosystems at Columbia.
EarlyDetect enables people to take highly accurate and cost effective diagnostic tests for up to 5 different forms of cancers on their mobile phones. Trimmed is a platform for summarized news content and hyperlocal news.
I’m also planning to research in one of Columbia’s many world-renowned research labs. Apart from that I want to try out things I haven’t really done before so don’t be surprised if you see me working for a theatre group or a campus news publication.
Of everything you’ve worked on, volunteered for, and studied, what are you most proud of?
 It’s a toss up between EarlyDetect and Trimmed (the two projects I’ll be continuing work on at Res Inc). None of the team members have ever met each other in the two years that they’ve been working on these projects for (more than 10 people work on Journo and 3 work on EarlyDetect) but we’ve still achieved a lot and built some really cool products. Everybody’s been working really hard on both of these projects and I’m proud of how they have turned out and what their future prospects are.
What is your intended major? What from your current and past experiences (either academic or personal) attracts you specifically to that field or fields of study?
I’m honestly not sure. I’m considering majoring in computer science, applied math or engineering management systems. I like applying math to solve real world problems and all of these majors teach me how to do that. Right now I’m leaning towards engineering management systems because it also offers me an opportunity to learn some business and economics along with math and engineering.
What are you most nervous/anxious about (in regards to college, Columbia, NYC, etc)?

Everything. Everything about college and the US in general is so different from how things are in India.

What are you most excited about (in regards to college, Columbia, NYC, etc)?

 A lot of things – the intellectual freedom colleges in the US offer, the core curriculum classes, the cultural diversity at Columbia and the food around NYC.
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