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Lion Guides: Best Places to Eat Off-Campus

As you get to know Morningside Heights, check out our comprehensive guide of the best places to eat in the area. Think we missed something? Let us know by emailing



Location: Broadway between 113th and 114th

Flex: Yes

Type: American (burgers, sandwiches etc.)

It’s conveniently near campus, and they do specials like $5 burgers and hot dogs on specific weekdays. Also does a pretty reasonably priced brunch. They also serve large milkshakes that are a meal in and of themselves.


Location: Broadway between 112th and 113th

Type: Diner food, breakfast

Famous for being on Seinfeld (or at least the outside). Great drunk food since it’s open 24 hrs/day but cash only. Try their milkshakes!

Dig Inn

Location: Broadway and 112th

Type: “Farm-to-counter”

The new kid on the block, Dig Inn is known as a farm-to-counter health food shop with pretty reasonable prices and good food. Tiny as a shoebox though.

Milano Market

Location: Broadway between 113th and 114th

Flex: Yes

Type: Italian gourmet deli (fresh sandwiches and salads, as well as cold food all day and hot food in the evenings).

Right next to Deluxe, so also convenient. This place has no sitting room so plan to move on once you have your food. Generally better quality food but also more expensive than most other options near campus. If you go around lunch time, there are pre-prepared sandwiches made that morning that are a dollar or two cheaper.


Location: Broadway between 115th and 116th

Flex: Yes

Type: Thai and Japanese food

They offer a great lunch special with rice, soup, sushi, salad, and a main dish for less than $10. Dinner is a fair amount more expensive, but the servings are large so if you’re starving you won’t be disappointed.


Location: Broadway between 114th and 115th

Type: Asian market with a grill

The burgers (deluxe includes fries) and cheesesteaks are really good and can be very cheap for what you get. Asian food is ok, but you come for the grill and the sandwiches.

Hamilton Deli (HamDel)*

Location: Amsterdam between 115th and 116th

Flex: Yes

Type: Sandwich deli

Nothing here is fancy but that doesn’t stop it from tasting pretty good! If you’re looking for a cheap, quick and filling sub sandwich this is a solid choice. Great for Amsterdam-side dorms and a quick pickup after EC. Popular options include the NYPD, Lewinsky, and the Clinton.

Morton Williams

Location: 115th and Broadway

Flex: Yes

Type: Overpriced grocery

Morton Williams is your classic college grocery store, complete with “Congrats to the Class of 201X” on your receipt. Known for their (relatively) high prices and low selection, it’s strictly for convenience, like if it’s raining and you don’t want to walk the five blocks to Westside. Their hot food station is pretty decent, and only costs $5 (medium) or $7 (large).

Westside Market

Location: 110th and Broadway

Type: Grocery store, salad bar, pre-made food haven

This Whole Foods wannabe has tons of food in addition to the usual grocery fare. The salad bar is the best in the area (although you get what you pay for) and the store is stocked with tons of pre-made food that you just need to stick in a microwave.


Location: Across the street from   Lerner

Type: Salads

A popular salad chain, Sweetgreen offers a variety of salads that are fresh and healthy. While on the expensive side (~$14 for some salads), students and staff love the place as evidenced by the long lines inside the store all day long.


Location: 120th and Amsterdam

Type: Grocery store, salad bar

The grocery store of choice for people living in EC or Plimpton. The only time you visit this place as a freshman is probably going to be coming home from a party and realizing you’re walking in the wrong direction.

Five Guys

Location: Broadway between 110th and 111th

Flex: No

Type: Burgers

Huge burgers made your way, with almost any topping you can think of. It’s kind of on the pricey side though—a burger plus fries and a drink will run you between $13 and $15


Location: Broadway between 110th and 111th

Flex: Yes

Type: Chipotle

It’s Chipotle—everyone knows what this is. It’s perfectly fine, but the lines tend to be really long

Thai Market

Location: Amsterdam between 108th and 109th

Flex: No

Type: Thai

Authentic Thai food, for cheap. Better than Wondee Siam, which is across the street. Delivers and has a lunch special for $8. Ask for their daily menu.


Location: Lasalle between Broadway and Claremont (aka 124th st)

Flex: No

Type: Italian for human beings

Probably the nicest restaurant within walking distance (or one subway stop away if you’re that guy), Pisticci isn’t just a solid place to take your parents when they visit. Their dinner entrees are under $20 and you’ll actually feel like a semi-adult who doesn’t eat Easy Mac and ramen the majority of the time.

Doaba Deli

Location: Columbus between 106th & 107th

Flex: No (so cheap you don’t need it)

Type: Indian

This place comes up on google searches of “where taxi drivers” eat, so you know it’s authentic. Even if you don’t speak a lick of Punjabi and don’t know what you’re ordering, as long as you make sure you’re getting the $7 veggie platter, you’re going to get four portions of some of the best Indian fare around, along with a hefty portion of naan, roti, or rice (depending on your preference). You simply can’t go wrong here.

Roti Roll

Location: Amsterdam between 108th and 109th

Flex: No

A great, cheap, late-night option (or any other time of day) that’s perfect for running to after going to nearby bars, Roti Roll satisfies any Indian craving in burrito-esque form. Everything on the menu is delicious, and you can alter the spice level to your liking. Depending on your hunger level/stomach size, you may want to order two, and even if you don’t eat the second immediately, it’s great as morning-after leftovers.


Location: 109th between Amsterdam and Broadway

Flex: No

Type: Japanese

Cafe East is obviously super convenient, but the sushi isn’t going to satisfy any desire for a good roll. Opting for Saji’s delivery instead is still cheap and considerably more pleasing for your taste buds. They’ve got minimal seating so ordering via Seamless is your best bet. They’ve got hefty lunch specials and nine-piece rolls, all pretty much under $10. Plus udon and curry when you’re feeling alternative.

Koronet Pizza

Location: 111th and Broadway

Flex: No

Type: Pizza

Koronet (pronounced KOHR-o-nets) is not very good pizza, but each slice is both cheap and enormous, and that’s enough to make it an excellent stop on the way back from a night out (especially since it’s 10 feet away from Mel’s). Don’t be seen there during the day.


Location: Your computer or mobile device

Flex: No

Type: Everything

Seamless is an app that allows you to order food to your residence hall door. Every new member gets a $10 discount off of their first order. Habitual use will turn your world into delivery minimums and make you question your mandatory meal plan.  


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