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Seen in the NYC Subway

A few days ago, we received a story from a first-year Engineering student about one of their most recent experiences in the subway. In light of the 1 train being shut down this weekend, effectively trapping us uptown, we decided to share it.


I just had the most TRAUMATIZING NYC Subway experience I’ve ever had in my life and probably will have in my entire life. It usually takes about 20 min via subway to get where megabus drops you off at Columbia if you take the express train. Some background info: the express train had no more seats available so I was standing and holding onto the poles in the subway. So, on 34th street, four drunk strippers enter the the train cart I am in and make a bee-line for the pole I’m holding onto. I scootch like the two feet I can manage to the side and they just start pole dancing away ON THE SUBWAY and they start taking OFF THEIR CLOTHES. So they’re going crazy like climbing everywhere, spinning everywhere and screaming. And then two of the girls are hanging high up upside down and just collapse to the ground, head first. Everyone is freaking out in the cart and both of the girls are completely knocked out on the floor. Also, because it’s express…  it takes a while before you reach the next stop (which is like 20+ blocks away) so people are trying to call MTA and the police. When we finally reach the next station, these police/MTA/ambulance people come and would not let anyone off the train as they like wheel these two butt-naked strippers as well as walk the other two off the train… and we all just sat there for like a full 30 min. It literally took me an entire hour to get back to Columbia and since I was standing on the train… I was WAYYY too close too these strippers for my sanity… it was so traumatizing … HOLY


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