Photo by James Xue (SEAS '17)

Photo by James Xue (SEAS ’17)


The Lion is the only Columbia publication that pledges to post all content submitted to our site that meets our submissions policy. In addition, we pledge not to force major revisions to any content and will allow content to be submitted anonymously. Our submission policy is as follows:

Submission Policy:

The Lion is committed to fostering a community of open discourse. As a publication, we pledge to post all posts submitted to us. In order to maintain a safe space for discourse, we reserve the right to reject any submissions that are racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or otherwise disrespectful. If your submission is rejected, you will be notified by The Lion team with an explanation for the rejection and an opportunity to appeal the decision.

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The Lion strives to be an online forum for discussion for the Columbia community. We are currently looking for people interested in Technology and Multimedia, Operations, Campus Outreach/Activism, and Journalism.

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