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Photo Courtesy CU Now Show

Have you seen the newest CU Now video? The video, released last night, features Shreyas Manohar (CC ’18) covering a gamut of issues alongside the Dean of Columbia College, James Valentini.

To better understand student reactions to the video, our team went out and polled students from a variety of academic years and backgrounds about their reactions to the new video. Check out what students said below.

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Nobody likes dealing with administrators. Their normal courses of action are either to give you information you already know, send you to someone else, or hand you a form. None of these are pleasant and I agree – it’s frustrating!

But here’s maybe the angle you didn’t consider: administrators are people, too. And they probably don’t have a particular passion for administrating.

I would argue that the majority of people do not get really excited about paperwork. Which means that, while they may not hate their jobs, they’re probably not overwhelmingly thrilled with it, either.

The fun parts of working an office job – like being with friends and having unlimited access to the Internet – are not really part of the whole paper-shuffling routine.

Much like you put off signing up for senior portraits in favor of hanging out and/or Facebook/Netflix/The Lion, administrators probably aren’t burning the midnight oil over your club’s request for more funding. (Let’s be honest, it’s probably just going toward more Insomnia Cookies.)

So, by not working at 100% efficiency, they’re pushing work off until tomorrow. What does this sound a lot like?


So maybe the secret isn’t really that administrators are horribly slow at everything they do – it’s just that they’re dealing with the stuff they didn’t do a week ago before getting around to your request. Maybe procrastinators are actually reasonably efficient people – it’s just that they’re also professional procrastinators.

And that’s something we can all empathize with.


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