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Photo Courtesy Jason Hagani and Josh Schenk

The Columbia Lion wants candidates who will make a change. While many candidates brought up issues we care about: more student space, mental health improvements, and supporting students, we want a candidate who is going to do something that will make an impact. And while comforting words are nice, they don’t really do much. If we want to continue calling student government ineffective, fine, but if we want actual change, it’s time to take a risk and vote for individuals who have a passion for making change rather than people who are simply going to deliver big words and leave us with blank promises of goals for the future. For this reason, The Lion is formally endorsing the following candidates for the University Senate:

Jason Hagani

The Lion choses to support Jason because of his commitment to fighting for environmental sustainability in the Columbia community. His proposals are both effective and realistic. He backs initiatives that the university has already thrown its support behind and can easily be achieved with the dedication that he will bring as a University Senator. For many, the prescriptions for saving the environment are often overlooked, from replacing a lightbulb to an extra NSOP program. These often overlooked ideas, however, can have a massive impact on Columbia’s carbon footprint. Jason’s ideas couple important ideals with reassuring practicality, which will ensure he can and will be an effective representative for Columbia College. You can find Jason’s full platfrom here.

Jason Hagani

Josh Schenk

The Lion’s endorsement of Josh is based upon his record of getting things done. He was able to secure air conditioning for residence halls as well as securing discounts for students. Josh’s platform, while bold, is reasonable and can be easily accomplished within the role as University Senator. He plans on expanding campus accessibility, increasing senate transparency, revamping of the rules of conduct, and prioritizing space for undergraduate students. Josh’s ideals, though mainstream, paired with his record of achievement ensure he can attain meaningful change for the Columbia College community. You can find Josh’s full platfrom here.

Josh Schenk

No matter who you choose to support, make sure to have your voice be heard in this year’s student council elections by voting. The link to the voting website can be found here.



William Essilfie, Editor-in-Chief

Arelena McClenton, Managing Editor

Joshua Burton, Director of Operations

Yael Turitz, Director of Campus Outreach

Michele Lin, Director of Technology