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Photo Courtesy Columbia University/Zagster

Starting Monday April 4, Columbia University students, faculty and staff can ride around campus and beyond on brand new cruiser bikes as part of a new bike-share program through Zagster, Inc. The program is piloting with 14 Zagster cruiser bikes at three Morningside campus locations.

Following the leadership and success of the EcoReps bike-share group for undergraduate students and through Columbia’s recruitment of Zagster to campus, a bike-share program is now open to the entire University community.

“Columbia recognizes the many benefits of bicycle travel and is continuing its efforts toward growing a bike culture on campus,” says Jessica Prata, Assistant Vice President, Environmental Stewardship. “Bringing bike share to all Columbia members is part of the University’s commitment to a healthy and sustainable Columbia. Creating a more bike-friendly campus reduces traffic and parking congestion, improves the health of the University community, and offers an easy, alternative travel mode to and around Columbia.”

Zagster bike share is located on campus at:

–          Eastern entrance of Lerner Hall

–          Between Butler Library and John Jay Hall

–          Wien Courtyard

The bike share is offered through three different options, following standard guidelines of bike-share programs at other campuses: annual, monthly and one-day memberships, described below.

  1. Annual Membership

$20 membership fee billed annually

Trips under 1 hour are free; then pay $3/hour (up to $30/ride)

  1. Monthly Membership

$8 membership fee billed monthly

Trips under 1 hour are free; then pay $3/hour (up to $30/ride)

  1. 24-Hour Membership

$5 one-time fee

Trips under 1 hour are free; then pay $3/hour (up to $30/ride)

* Riders will be charged an additional $35 overtime charge for keeping a bike over 24 hours. 

In addition to Columbia, Zagster has bike-share programs at Ohio State, Yale, Princeton and more than 130 other colleges and communities across North America.

“Columbia sought out an opportunity to immediately make bike sharing available to the entire university community while Citi Bike, New York City’s largest and most recognized bike-sharing program, systematically expands northward in Manhattan,” continued Prata.  “We will monitor the usage and popularity of the Zagster bike share through this pilot initiative and look for opportunities to expand it, particularly in Manhattanville.”

The bike-share expansion to the entire Columbia community is one of several bicycle-friendly initiatives Columbia is leading.  Following the successful pilot of the bicycle parking enclosure in the Grove, a second enclosure has been installed in Wien Courtyard.  There are several workshops on bicycle street skills and traffic safety being offered to Columbia affiliates in conjunction with Bike New York.  Ride Your Bike to Campus Days are returning on April 13 at Morningside, and April 15 and a special Earth Day event on April 22 at the Columbia University Medical Center campus.  All bicycle-related information at Columbia has been centralized on the Columbia Transportation website at transportation.columbia.edu/bike-services-columbia.

The Columbia bike share features the Zagster 8, an award-winning bike known for its practical design, comfortable ride and easy handling. The bike includes a spacious basket that’s perfect for carrying groceries, takeout or personal belongings. And because rider safety is a priority, every bike includes automatic lights, a bell and full reflectors. An integrated bike lock enables riders to park and lock their bikes wherever they want during a trip, instead of being required to re-dock at a station, giving them greater flexibility to enjoy everything the city has to offer.

To join and ride, users can visit www.zagster.com/columbia, or download the free Zagster Mobile App, available for iPhone and Android. Each bike has a unique number that riders enter into the app to obtain a single-use code to open the lockbox on the back of the bike. (Alternatively, riders can obtain unlock codes via text message.) A key in the lockbox allows the bike to be locked and unlocked throughout a ride. After the rider returns the bike to a designated Zagster bike station, the rental ends, and the bike is available for the next person to enjoy.

About Zagster 

Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Cambridge, Mass., Zagster is the largest and fastest-growing bike share provider in the United States. Zagster works directly with over 130 communities across North America to make scalable bike-sharing programs available in areas where traditional bike share providers can’t reach. The company’s goal: To make the bike the most loved form of transportation. More information about Zagster and its programs can be found at  www.zagster.com.

Photo by Aaron Appelle (CC '18)

Photo by Aaron Appelle (SEAS ’18)

Welcome to Columbia!  On behalf of everyone here, The Lion team would like to be one of the first to congratulate you for your achievements and welcome you to the Columbia community.

As you prepare for your arrival, our team went out and polled students from a variety of academic years and backgrounds in a series of upcoming posts asking them questions about Columbia that they wish they knew before arriving on campus. Our goal for this series is to provide you with an accurate understanding of what to expect when you join us on campus.

In this community editorial, we asked students: “What are things you wished you knew about Columbia before arriving?”

*Note: We chose not to edit these quotes nor filter out “problematic” ones. The Lion does not endorse any of these, but hopes to show initial thoughts of current students and alumni.

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As of yesterday, the new John Jay laundry is now open. The new room, in a different location than where it was located two years ago now features air conditioning and several new washers/dryers.

The new laundry room is a relief to residents in John Jay, Wallach, and Hartley who have had to share one laundry room for over two years.

Past Updates:
Over the past few weeks, we have received a few tips about the potential opening of a new laundry room in John Jay. Currently, the residents of Wallach, Hartley, and John Jay have had to share one laundry room, a situation that has led to long lines and mounds of clothes being strewn across the small space.

In an update from Columbia Housing’s communications director, Kristina Hernandez, this system will be changing soon. Housing is currently working to build a new laundry room and plans for it to open soon.

The full response can be found below:

A major upgrade to the John Jay electrical system began in the summer of 2014. That upgrade required the laundry room to be relocated to make space for new building electrical equipment. The electrical upgrade had to advance to a certain stage before work could begin on the new laundry room.

Laundry was free to John Jay residents via the Hartley laundry room as soon as the John Jay laundry room was taken offline due to the inconvenience.

When complete, the new laundry room will be accessed directly across from the basement elevators, eliminating the circuitous route required to access the previous location.

The anticipated schedule for the reopening of the John Jay laundry is still being determined. We will continue to provide updates to the residential community as the project advances.

(12/21): Housing is currently in the process of installing machines into the new laundry room. Check out the photos below.

The new laundry machines (Photo by Cindy Liu CC '18)

The new laundry machines (Photo by Venya Gushchin CC ’18)

The entrance to the new John Jay Laundry Room

The entrance to the new John Jay Laundry Room


The new laundry room (minus the machines)

In an email sent to students today, Columbia Housing has announced that hoverboards (self-balancing scooters) will not be allowed inside residence halls at all starting in the Spring 2016 semester. Citing safety concerns, Housing also noted that the University is also considering a campus-wide ban of the devices which have been known to cause injuries due to exploding batteries.


Read below for the full announcement from Housing:

We’re reaching out to inform you of an item that will now be restricted from the residence halls. Due to recent concerns surrounding hover boards , self-propelled scooters and similar devices, we have decided to add them to the list of prohibited items in the Guide to Living. Effective immediately, hover boards and similar devices will not be allowed in any residence halls. This decision is in response to recent reports from the Consumer Product Safety Commission with regard to potential fire hazards resulting from the lithium-ion batteries that power the device. A larger University-wide policy is also being considered due to fire and general safety concerns. Similar restrictions are being considered by New York City and at other institutions.

Residents who acquire hover boards over the winter break should not bring them back to campus housing. In addition, we encourage students to become informed about fire concerns associated with these devices.

Earlier today, the CU Now team released it’s newest video, CU News Tonight, a new show that looks to make light of events affecting students at Columbia.

CU Now, a series started by Shreyas Manohar (CC ’18) is known for its popular Shreyas on the Street series that follows Shreyas around campus talking with students.

Rather than bore you with multiple paragraphs telling you why you should watch their work, we recommend you check it out for yourself below.