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Photo Courtesy CU Now Show

Have you seen the newest CU Now video? The video, released last night, features Shreyas Manohar (CC ’18) covering a gamut of issues alongside the Dean of Columbia College, James Valentini.

To better understand student reactions to the video, our team went out and polled students from a variety of academic years and backgrounds about their reactions to the new video. Check out what students said below.

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Earlier today, the CU Now team released it’s newest video, CU News Tonight, a new show that looks to make light of events affecting students at Columbia.

CU Now, a series started by Shreyas Manohar (CC ’18) is known for its popular Shreyas on the Street series that follows Shreyas around campus talking with students.

Rather than bore you with multiple paragraphs telling you why you should watch their work, we recommend you check it out for yourself below.



The newest season of CU Now! kicks off with Shreyas navigating the marginally hospitable career fair. CU Now, originally launched last semester follows Shreyas Manohar (CC ’18) as he journeys through campus talking with students and staff about a set topic.  Come watch the newest installment of Shreyas on the Street: a CU Now production where Shreyas is on the street…mostly.

Executive Producers: Shreyas Manohar, Ally Horn, Julia Mok, and Daren Napier