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Citing recent Housing shortages and increased student populations, Columbia Libraries and Columbia Housing announced in a joint statement that Butler’s 7th and 8th floors will be converted into 25 new singles ranging from 98 to 135 square feet. Deborah Jackson, the current Director of Columbia Housing said in a statement to The Lion, “The addition of these new rooms will be great for students. We believe this will allow us to increase the breadth of housing options available to students and ensure that every Columbian has access to affordable, on-campus housing.”

In addition, Columbia University Libraries’s communications director, Matthew Robertson stated, “We are quite excited to welcome students to Butler’s upper floors. With this addition, we expect to increase synergies to better integrate the linear system’s vast resources with the Columbia undergraduate community.”

To accommodate the new residence hall, Butler Library will commence construction at the start of reading week on [] to ensure an on-time project. Robertson noted that construction noises will be kept at a minimum to ensure “ideal studying conditions.”

The Butler Residences will be available to students in Columbia College and the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science through the online selection process of the Housing lottery and are expected to be chosen quickly.

At the time of writing, The Lion received multiple tips suggesting that Facilities under the request of James Valentini, Dean of Columbia College and Executive President of Undergraduate Education, had begun researching the possibility of adding new rooms inside of IAB 417.

In an email to students earlier today, Columbia Housing has announced that all housing prices will be flattened to a single rate – $9,292 – beginning next year for all upper-class residence halls. With this change, students will no longer have to decide on a building based on its cost. The change is still pending approval from Columbia’s Board of Trustees, but is likely to be approved.

The Lion has reached out to Barnard Housing to see if they plan to adopt the same pricing structure.

The full email can be found below:

Dear Students,

In response to your feedback, we are happy to announce that Columbia Housing will be changing our rates to provide for a simpler and fairer cost structure, beginning with the 2017-18 Academic Year.

Following the model of our first-year residences, all upper-class residence halls will be one rate: $9,292.*

With this new rate structure, lottery and class standing become the only determining factors in selecting a residence hall. This will allow you to choose housing based on where and with whom you want to live, not what you can afford. Additionally, with the new rate, the majority of students who live in our residence halls will see a lower average housing cost over their four years at Columbia versus the previous system.

Visit the Columbia Housing website for more information about the new rate structureplanned renovations, or Room Selection. If you have additional questions or concerns, please contact our team at housing@columbia.edu.

Best Regards,

Joyce E. Jackson
Executive Director
Columbia Housing

*Please note that this is the anticipated 2017-18 rate. Final rates are subject to approval by the Board of Trustees in June.

As of yesterday, the new John Jay laundry is now open. The new room, in a different location than where it was located two years ago now features air conditioning and several new washers/dryers.

The new laundry room is a relief to residents in John Jay, Wallach, and Hartley who have had to share one laundry room for over two years.

Past Updates:
Over the past few weeks, we have received a few tips about the potential opening of a new laundry room in John Jay. Currently, the residents of Wallach, Hartley, and John Jay have had to share one laundry room, a situation that has led to long lines and mounds of clothes being strewn across the small space.

In an update from Columbia Housing’s communications director, Kristina Hernandez, this system will be changing soon. Housing is currently working to build a new laundry room and plans for it to open soon.

The full response can be found below:

A major upgrade to the John Jay electrical system began in the summer of 2014. That upgrade required the laundry room to be relocated to make space for new building electrical equipment. The electrical upgrade had to advance to a certain stage before work could begin on the new laundry room.

Laundry was free to John Jay residents via the Hartley laundry room as soon as the John Jay laundry room was taken offline due to the inconvenience.

When complete, the new laundry room will be accessed directly across from the basement elevators, eliminating the circuitous route required to access the previous location.

The anticipated schedule for the reopening of the John Jay laundry is still being determined. We will continue to provide updates to the residential community as the project advances.

(12/21): Housing is currently in the process of installing machines into the new laundry room. Check out the photos below.

The new laundry machines (Photo by Cindy Liu CC '18)

The new laundry machines (Photo by Venya Gushchin CC ’18)

The entrance to the new John Jay Laundry Room

The entrance to the new John Jay Laundry Room


The new laundry room (minus the machines)

In an email sent to students today, Columbia Housing has announced that hoverboards (self-balancing scooters) will not be allowed inside residence halls at all starting in the Spring 2016 semester. Citing safety concerns, Housing also noted that the University is also considering a campus-wide ban of the devices which have been known to cause injuries due to exploding batteries.


Read below for the full announcement from Housing:

We’re reaching out to inform you of an item that will now be restricted from the residence halls. Due to recent concerns surrounding hover boards , self-propelled scooters and similar devices, we have decided to add them to the list of prohibited items in the Guide to Living. Effective immediately, hover boards and similar devices will not be allowed in any residence halls. This decision is in response to recent reports from the Consumer Product Safety Commission with regard to potential fire hazards resulting from the lithium-ion batteries that power the device. A larger University-wide policy is also being considered due to fire and general safety concerns. Similar restrictions are being considered by New York City and at other institutions.

Residents who acquire hover boards over the winter break should not bring them back to campus housing. In addition, we encourage students to become informed about fire concerns associated with these devices.

If you’re reading this, let us here at the Lion be the first to say, “Welcome to Columbia!” As you and your family get ready to officially join the Columbia community this August, we here at The Lion want to make sure you are as prepared as possible for adjusting to college life. Over the coming months, we will be posting a variety of resource guides to help you learn about what it is like to be at Columbia.

One of the major points to decide by May 1st is housing. To help you narrow down your choices, we have compiled a list of the pros and cons for each housing option available to first-year students below.

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