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To The People

To the people of Paris and France.
You have been the victims of a cruel fate.
I cannot help but speak on this.
My blood is boiling inside me.
I am not a small child, yet I am weeping like one.
I am the product of civilization.
I have been brought up to act rationally and compassionately.
To develop strength, yet aid the weak.
But first of all, I am a creator.
I was brought into this world to create.
I am here to love, to give life, to write, to understand, to build, to farm, to cook.
I am not here to destroy.
I am not here to explode, to shoot, to stab, to murder.
I possess a life, therefore I have no right to take another’s.
Yet they did.
They believe that bullets and rockets can destroy us.
They are wrong.
Civilization cannot be broken by metal. 

Soyez forts!
Soyez unis!

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