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Welcome to the new website. Our team has been hard at work since January crafting this new website and planning our new publication.

We decided to work on The Lion for one main reason: to better understand the Columbia community. While Columbia may be considered a medium size University to some, this is still a school that more than 40,000 students and staff call home. And with so many people, it can be hard to really learn about the diverse voices and experiences that weave together to create the Columbia experience. Our team wants this new website to serve as a forum for open discourse; a place where every Columbia affiliate feels comfortable sharing their thoughts for everyone to see. Our goal is to not just be another campus news source — our school already has several and we do not see the need for another one. We want to work on further uniting our Columbia community and explore what makes Columbia so special.

We already have a team of writers working on exciting projects such as interviewing students and Professors, working on analyzing affordability issues on college campuses, and a whole host of other topics. But our main source for content? The student body. As a publication, we pledge to post 100% of pieces submitted to us that adhere to our submission policy . We want to be a place where you might see an article that challenges your views, but we also want to have a site where people feel comfortable respectfully discussing these types of topics.

It’s been a lot of work, but our team is excited for this journey. If you would like to submit something to us, email it to

If you want to join our team, visit or to work on our Affordability Initiative.

And if you want to just say hi, check us out on our social media channels or email

Get ready. This is going to be an interesting ride.


William Essilfie, Editor in Chief and Product Development Lead
Joshua Burton, Operations and Advertising Lead
Michele Lin, Technology and Multimedia Lead
Yowana Wamala, Journalism Lead


Photo: Bradley Davison (CC ’17)

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